5 Benefits of Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is Google Advertising? It is simply advertising your businesses through Google platforms. Google Advertising is also commonly known as pay-per-click adverting (PPC), search ads or search engine advertising. PPC ads on Google appear above all other search ranking.

This article is not about defining what Google advertising is but the benefits and why you should start advertising on Google now. If you are already convince of Google advertising, contact us today to see how we can bring your business to the next level. Otherwise, read more to find out why you should start today.

1. People are using search engines to find your products.

Let’s face it, majority of people use search engine to start their search process. In fact, 93% of the 2 billion people online start their search using a search engine. And since Google is the top search engine in the world, you should start search Ads today.

If that does not convince you, lets consider the fact that there are more than 40,000 searches every second and over 3.5 billion searches on search engine each day. What is more interesting is that pay-per-click advertising is among the top three sources for page conversion. What make search ads or search pay-per-click advertising is that 75% users are actually searching for something.

2. PPC pull in quality traffic.

Having said earlier that 75% of are actually searching for something to solve their problem, it means that the traffic from search PPC ads are ALREADY interested visitors and not random ones. Compared to other forms of PPC ads, social media ads for instance, is that search PPC pull traffic to your website or business instead of pushing out information to persuade people.

3. PPC gives your immediate results!

The biggest benefits of PPC advertising is the speed. It provides marketers and business owners immediate result. This is because unlike SEO where it takes months to climb up the search ranking, Google PPC advertising provide you instant placement at the top of the search results. To further boost the results of a PPC campaign, getting an expert who know the psychology of consumers is a necessity.

5. PPC is not affected by SEO or Google algorithm changes.

The main difference between SEO and PPC is that PPC is not organic. Hence, PPC is not as risky as SEO since Google is known for always changing it’s algorithm. This makes constant monitoring of SEO important. PPC on the other hand is just a numbers game. It is simply the more you spend, the more return you get.

5. PPC can help your SEO.

Very often, people would consider PPC and SEO as separate strategies. However, the insights from PPC is a potential foundation for your SEO strategy. PPC advertising can assist in sieving out the keywords your customers use to search. Thus, the keywords that drive the most conversion should be the ideal keywords for you to build your SEO on.

A Final Note

With so many reasons on why starting a Google PPC campaign is beneficial for your business, there should not be any reason holding your back. At MarketingGuru , we provide the full-service digital marketing experience for companies because we understand that digital marketing can be a challenge for some companies without a strong marketing team. To learn more about PPC or SEO, speak to your MarketingGuru today.



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