SEO Checklist 2023 to boost your search ranking

SEO services are known as a hack for web owners.

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However, organic keywords are not always key! From our expertise in SEO services, we will discuss Other crucial elements to be a top-search in Google ranking below.

  1. Improve website usability 

First of all, website architecture matters for either customers or Google easily navigate. Whereas, it is a first impression that influences visitors to stay on your site instead of clicking the red x button of a window without action. Unorganized themes and layouts evenly decrease their trust and credibility. 

Web owners may use Google Analytics and Google Console to track users’ behavior and what information they are looking for to drive digital marketing effectiveness. Also, you can keep your site accessibility and availability :

  • Make it crawlable to get detected by robots
  • Visual sitemaps to plan your page
  • Consistency, simplicity and accurate

  1. Check site speed 

Presently, Responsiveness is a big concern to be one of the ranking factors by Google and repeat business. Customers are prone to feel confused and frustrated and abandon your site if they are not able to see and connect with content quickly. Don’t make them wade through a slow experience! Keep Testing your site speed and check if it works well with any different devices, locations and operating systems.

Here are some tips to speed up your site

  • Use external CSS/JavaScript and code
  • Optimized graphics and video size 
  • Apply browser caching
  • Minimize an iframes

  1. Find your competitors

Our Digital Marketing agency helps clients to outstanding competitors by utilizing SEO services. These tools will bring analysis of competitors’ offerings, marketing strategies and target markets. Additionally, medium-tail or long-tail keywords entail support pages and compare what needs to be improved. Also, researching new ideas like relevant keywords in the same category. Though, be unique as a way of attracting potential customers.

  1. Assess your content, always

Content evaluation is of considerable importance whilst marketing algorithm updates are ever-changing. Content creators and Digital Marketing agencies need to follow and implement search rater’s guidelines. This assessment ensures that content resonates with your audience and provides solutions for customers’ pain points. Determine your content: Does it trustworthy and provide value to visitors from search engines viewpoints? Does it feed high-quality and up-to-date information?

Poor content can cause serious damage to your audience’s experiences besides bad design or slow page loading. Lots of advertisements or spammy links from other sites are not a bright idea either. As is known, SEO services facilitate users to find keywords that are relevant to your title and target. You can get the most out of those words to attract more traffic and engagement for free with When organic keywords optimization.

Common elements to create top-quality content:

  • Know keyword intent to increase conversion rate
  • Help the reader to navigate easier to find what they are headed
  • Verify what types of pages you want to display
  • Understand Google algorithms and make them brief, guided and accurate

Apart from content quality, meta-description quality should not be ignored.

  1. Link buildings

Regarding SEO services, off-page SEO is another of the most powerful search engines. specifically, it brings a huge traffic boost to your website directly. Considering, the core of off-page SEO is building backlinks. Your ranking depends on quality of the content rather than quantity. Although linking is contemporarily and competitive use the right tool such as LinkAssistant to source leads and search for potential links. Furthermore, utilisation of white hat techniques avoid the risk of penalty. Besides, natural links will fuel brand awareness.

301 and 302 redirects, for instance, have just deemed no harm to SEO because they can elevate PageRank and traffic efficiently. Especially, in the right place – visual content displayed on Facebook and Pinterest. Next, specify “Canonical URL “ to clog duplicate content and Google from index one of them.

  1. Create a robot.txt File

  1. Fix technical SEO issues

Keep in mind that having SEO issues without knowing it is a complete waste of money. We understand that nobody wants to lash out at the Digital Marketing budget due to labeled crawl equity in Google. As well as company ROI and marketing goals are blocked.

Perpetually check and update your site links that may indirectly cause a budget issue. Broken links, long redirect chains and redirect issues cease a crawler from visiting your website as they imply your content is low quality. Such links damage bounce rate, company reputation and relationship with Google. Again, Users may concerned about whether your company is reliable or not.

  1. Track and measure SEO KPIs

Finally, Key Performance Indicators for SEO are a basis for any marketing companies and agencies. It gauges their progress to make better decisions on campaigns. Moreover, remarkable outgrowth helps to maintain customer retention and perceived value.

Google Analytics and Google console even more improve ability and provide insight from CTR (click-through rate), conversion on your landing page and customer engagement. Which is difficult to measure. Use analysis on keyword performance to have a deeper understanding of marketing projects.

  • Traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Conversions

MarketingGuru digital marketing agency is ready to professionally enhance your web ranking to be a top search in Thailand!

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